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Full Version: Booth registration is now up!
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After a bit of of a mix of oopsies and Hi-I'm-Daisies, Booth Registration is up at an odd 17 days before NCFC begin.

Remember, there's incentive to submit early! ... Well, about as early as this timeframe allows.

This time I am planning to do sneak-peak livestreams of permitted booth submissions on the Hitbox NCFC Stream. Let me know in particular (in PM or so) if that's fine.

Speaking of which, I can make that a Hitbox partner now, due to their recent policy adjustments. I don't think NCFC can reap the benefits of that, though, so I'll leave the possibility of that open to discussion on this thread. It probably won't make a significant difference on the stream either way, but I am curious about emojis...
I haven't even gotten a trailer ready for my new Zelda fan game yet! Heck, I still have to get title logo ready. In case if you don't know yet and for those who don't know yet. I'm postponing Netherforce Force Shards until I can find the time to finish it. Netherforce Shards is already a big Zelda fangame as it is so it's going to take much longer than I thought to finish. And I have other ideas I really wanted to work on getting in the way of that. So I've decided that the best way to tide wait for NS is to make and a prepare at least one smaller, easier to make Zelda fangame first. Depending on how long it takes, there's a chance that I might make one more or even two more if I'm lucky. All I can say is that I am satisfied with how fast the development for this smaller Zelda fan game is going.

I will confirm that this new smaller Zelda fan game will not use the nes type style that NS has. And Kiddo, I really do think you are going to love this one, maybe even more than NS. That's all I can share for now. Expect a trailer next week.

I really hope you will all enjoy my new Zelda fan game. Happy

Aww man, I don't think I'll have my Super Mario Maker fangame ready in time for any live-stream. It's hard enough getting it ready for NCFC at all. XD
Well, hopefully I'll get some screenshots for my WIP games, as I'm starting to doubt that I'll get a demo for them ready.
Finally, I'll hopefully get my game ready for NCFC this year. I will have to start working on it more on the coming days.

Edit: Submitted.
Started on booth for Mario's Nightmare Quest (part 1), demo will be coming soon.

Finally. I've set up my booth, however it looks like I could edit it before it got approved. I'm preparing my booth over time as I aim to complete the first version of my program so I wish to know what factors into approval. Does a WIP booth get rejected?
(08-06-2015, 05:50 PM)Neon Cream Wrote: [ -> ]Does a WIP booth get rejected?

I have seen some booths are in progress last year's NCFC, and they weren't rejected, so no, WIP booths don't get rejected.
Usually any booth with something new will get accepted, so it's fine if you got a WIP. :)

Anyway, I think I will announce in advance when the NCFC Preview Livestreams are set to happen. Does anyone here have a preference schedule?
Looking forward to seeing what gets unveiled this year.
I have submitted a booth for my project, Histoire de Lune. It already has some screens and a trailer. I'll be uploading a demo within the next few days.
I submitted a booth for Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs too, I can't wait to see and this year's awesome games!
I'm still on the fence for my new LoZ New Beginnings demo, needs more testing, especially the dungeon that I blocked out on the last demo, its open, but there is 2 rooms that need a small bit of work, and the bandit sidequest I need to fix up still, all and all it's playable, but I feel like more can be added, but I will have to see when I get some more items done.

I don't have a trailer yet, but these 2 recent videos are just showcasing the bosses that are available when I drop a demo, you guys can use clips if you need videos.
Out of curiosity, do you have dates and times for the livestreams in mind already, Kiddo? I'm not trying to rush you, I understand that this stuff takes time, I was just curious.
Alright, I've made my submission. Surprised? ;)

Please let me know as bluntly as possible if it's not an acceptable booth. I have a backup plan in case of that. :)