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Full Version: Thanks for watching the Livestream! The next one is planned for Saturday at 4 PM.
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Since the stream wasn't exactly butter-smooth today, the logs are split into multiple chunks. Here they are in sequential order.

Thanks to those who showed up. Hopefully the next one will be more active. It's gonna be set for Saturday afternoon for that sake. Same basic gist as before.

For Saturday's stream I have Super Mario All-Star Attack ready to play! Maybe some surprises, too.
It was a fun night, I'm ready to join you again on Saturday. Also, WreckingGoomba noticed and will be fixing some bugs in the game after showing him the stream logs on Skype, so you can expect a more stable Elemental Orbs from him at NCFC.
It seems I have quite some fixing to do for SMEO's release :P

I am very glad, however, that GMServer didn't fail on us this time around, Last year was a real mess. I couldn't attend the stream as it started at 4 AM for me, but I watched it today and I really enjoyed it.

EDIT: Updated the booth with a new version of the game, that should fix the issues addressed in the livestream.
Is there going to be a third? Cause I doubt I will have my new Zelda fangame's trailer done by then. Heck, I still have to record the clips for it.
I am pleased to hear that there is going to be a livestream of Super Mario All-Star Attack today.
I must let you know that I PM'd you, KiddoCabbuses, about the update to the game's executable, as well as some bonuses that are exclusive to NCFC.
I will be waiting for the streaming, it's exciting to know this fangame came back this year much stronger than the last; the glitchfests had me laugh incredibly.