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Full Version: Ready? Opening livestream is at midnight!
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I spent the past few days getting some things ready for NCFC in the background, and in the meanwhile there were some notable last-minute submissions. (All I have to say is; Get hype.)

It's all almost ready, though, and even if it's not, it's launching!
When we're ready to go, a NCFC Livestream will pop on at midnight and you'll be able to see the booths open up before your eyes!

During that Livestream, there may be contest announcements like at last NCFC. Prepare your creative writing, drawing, or other talents! Registrations for any tournaments will also start at that time.
I'm really excited to see what is at NCFC this year. I'll be there to watch at midnight.
I just submitted my booth's content after a hard week of working on my demo. SO excited to participate, this is my first time ever! I hope everything goes well, for everyone!
....midnight what?
I can't join you guys this year, but can someone remind me if you play my game? please? :3
Got my booth finalized today. Never been a part of this thing before, so I'm hoping it'll be fun!
I Just finished getting my demo ready. Hopefully I didn't miss any crashes. That'd be awkward.

(08-23-2015, 10:12 PM)Syaxamaphone Wrote: [ -> ]I Just finished getting my demo ready. Hopefully I didn't miss any crashes. That'd be awkward.

Lol I'm still finishing up work on mine, just small testing and whatnot so my Zelda demo will be out probably in a few hours sadly, my booth is up though.

Ok my demo is up, the file is kinda of big due to having music included this time. Also guys please give feedback on Dungeon and or any error you may have encountered during gameplay, this will help me, the lone dev, out alot :D

and that title screen music forgot to edit that, lol was on rush mode
My booth is up, but the demo is gonna be a short while longer unfortunately. Lots of minor tech things to iron out.
Also a heads up guys, please download the latest version of the loznb tech demo, just ran it today and removed the minor errors, thx for feedback again^^