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Full Version: NCFC 2016 Registration Will Open Soon!
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Apologies for not being able to get this up earlier - I've had a combination of real-life business, technical issues, and reactions to certain project takedowns of concern.

I am still planning for this year's NCFC to be on Sept. 27th. As such I kinda consider the booth registration opening to be a bit late now. I apologize for any potential issues this may cause.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me. If I am livestreaming, it will be hosted by NCFC channel until NCFC is opened. I hope to be able to use channel hosting for NCFC this year to make it easier for livestreamers to participate, so this is an experiment in that regard. Either way, you may contact me about it during then.

I will post another update as soon as registration is open.
So how is streaming going to work? Wondering because I'm interested in doing some streaming this year
I plan to have more options available for people who may wish to stream this year. Last year's NCFC hosting for people who may want to stream will be available like before, but also, if you wish to have NCFC host your personal livestream channel on Twitch or Hitbox, that may also be an option.
Question: I see that NCFC is actually starting on the 27th. Does that mean that it's going to continue until October 3? Or will it end Saturday night like it did in previous years (and be only 5 days as a result)?