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Full Version: Fangame preview livestreams hosted by NCFC
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I'm not entirely sure if anyone's noticed yet, but the NCFC Hitbox channel has been hosting my personal Hitbox for a time. This has been for testing some ideas for changing/adding to how livestreams may work this year. Anyone who may want to livestream at NCFC this year, feel free to set up a Hitbox account if you want to be prepared for running the stream this way.

I will probably be streaming some of the booth submissions through this soon. If anyone has a particular booth they want shown and a timeframe in mind, send me a PM. I will most likely be available late nights (11 PM-4 AM EST).
Just set up a Hitbox account. The audio isn't coming through right, though... I don't know how to explain it.

I'll have to do some more testing later...

By the way, Kiddo, are you going to be showing any trailers before NCFC? Because I have some for my games (well, one is technically a gameplay video, but it's so short that it should suffice as a trailer).
Probably I won't find time to watch the lifestream, but I would like to watch it afterwards. I suppose the lifestream is uploaded on Youtube as well?
I will broadcast a trailer on request, but it'd be more probable to do it during the event so there is an audience. :P

And yeah, livestreams will be logged and available to watch later. At least the ones on my end, anyway.
Just want to mention something: I figured out what my sound problem was. The default sample rate (under "Audio") in OBS is 44.1 khz, but it needs to be 48 khz. I can't imagine why, but oh well...

(On a side note, is someone going to ban that spambot over in Booth Discussion?)