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New forum added - Kesha - 10-24-2011

this was just an idea to get the forum to be more interesting... maybe some people like to forum just as much as I do???

well there's a big sticky topic in the forum about it if you want to check it out

RE: New forum added - KiddoCabbusses - 10-25-2011

Hey, dumb thought;
Should there be a forum or thread proper for the Livestream as well? I've gotten discussion of it up on the chat and the like now and then, but people don't seem to mention it much in the forum outside the trailers thread.

RE: New forum added - Kesha - 10-25-2011

If you want to make a thread about it or something like that, I'll sticky it for sure. I don't know if one is necessary or not since this is a new thing to me too, but if you think it would help, then I'm all for it.