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RE: NCFC Season Is Here! - KiddoCabbusses - 11-11-2013

(11-11-2013, 05:04 PM)martijndh Wrote: I've not had any reply to my trailer submission a couple of days ago so just to be use I'm also posting it here. (Sorry if any advertisement pops up. It's google's doing because of copyright on the song).

Oh, my apologies, I posted this notice on MFGG but forgot that you may not attend there, so let me post this here as well:

For the sake of the NCFC Directs, if your trailer has a content claimed song, please replace the song. Thank you in advance.

I had to make this notice because I work my NCFC Direct edits on YouTube Editor, which shits all over content-claimed videos. Your's was not the only one that was affected, so don't take it personally.

RE: NCFC Season Is Here! - SatoruIwata - 11-13-2013

Hi again.
I have a special NCFC Direct prepared.
Please take a look.

RE: NCFC Season Is Here! - KiddoCabbusses - 11-19-2013

Is it just me, or are the threads getting a lot more views?

Perhaps it's just the spam bots, but hrm.

RE: NCFC Season Is Here! - giver336 - 11-21-2013

Is it too much to ask that we allow to edit the booths on the NCFC designer with videos? I don't think any of the youtube tags work there. By the way, sorry for the late submission of the trailer. It was sent to KiddoCabbusses.

RE: NCFC Season Is Here! - Emperor - 11-21-2013

Unfortunately, we are too close to the event to be making a change of that type now, but you can link to videos with an image preview so people know what is more easily. Having video tags in the booth designer is a good idea for the future, though.

RE: NCFC Season Is Here! - onpon4 - 11-21-2013

Especially if they were actual (HTML5) video tags. :P

RE: NCFC Season Is Here! - SatoruIwata - 11-23-2013

Hello again.
There is one more NCFC Direct I would like to show you today.

I hope you enjoy this.