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"Abducted Toad" sneak peek - KiddoCabbusses - 10-15-2014

This NCFC, Abducted Toad will be a complete game! Will it be a stand-out that competes with the likes of Psycho Waluigi? Find out when NCFC starts!

RE: "Abducted Toad" sneak peek - Superdimentiobros - 10-16-2014

Cool! Though it's kind of unfortunate that the level you played is one of the few levels without original music

RE: "Abducted Toad" sneak peek - KiddoCabbusses - 10-16-2014

Huh, I didn't think about that as I was playing. :o

I suppose there's still time to change that if possible - especially since I feel Mega Man X music is kinda out of place in a Mario game