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A 13:37 Sneak Peek - KiddoCabbusses - 10-24-2014

I may not be online much tomorrow, so this Sneak Peek is going out ahead of time to compensate.

This demo is Mario FA - Vanishing Colosseum by Newweegee. and it's an interesting arcade-esque game with a unique presentation! I ended up playing through the entirety of the demo and the resulting recording landed a sweet 13:37 length. This should bode well for the game's quality! :D

RE: A 13:37 Sneak Peek - Neweegee - 10-24-2014

You was doing a Mario-only playthrough or...

RE: A 13:37 Sneak Peek - KiddoCabbusses - 10-24-2014

Well, I didn't really bother taking a look into the other player character. Not that big a deal, anyway - the demo went on long enough that something's gotta be left for the downloaders to check. :P