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This Year's Image Contest! - KiddoCabbusses - 11-03-2014

Along with the writing contest, here's an image contest! Much like the writing contest, the rules are simple: Reply to this news post with your entry. This time, entries are pictures.

This year's Image Contest theme is "I went on a Smash diet and now I'm way too Skinny."
Have you played Smash Bros. 3DS and thought 'Jeez, they really dropped the ball on the skins. I would've loved to punch Little Mac as REFEREE Mario!'?
[Image: Mario_ref.jpg]
Well, try to put that in a visual for me! Pick your Smash character and shoop a new - or old! - look onto him/her. Any character skin that would feasibly match your character would be welcomed.
Your image could be a Smash 3DS shop or a shop of a Smash promo art render. Judges will pick the winner based on both shopping quality and concept.""

RE: This Year's Image Contest! - Bluecore - 11-05-2014

Jeez, they really dropped the ball on the skins. xD I would have loved to see an epic duel between Link and LINK SONIC from the Sonic Lost World DLC.
[Image: duuvqh.png]