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Booth registration is now up! - KiddoCabbusses - 08-06-2015

After a bit of of a mix of oopsies and Hi-I'm-Daisies, Booth Registration is up at an odd 17 days before NCFC begin.

Remember, there's incentive to submit early! ... Well, about as early as this timeframe allows.

This time I am planning to do sneak-peak livestreams of permitted booth submissions on the Hitbox NCFC Stream. Let me know in particular (in PM or so) if that's fine.

Speaking of which, I can make that a Hitbox partner now, due to their recent policy adjustments. I don't think NCFC can reap the benefits of that, though, so I'll leave the possibility of that open to discussion on this thread. It probably won't make a significant difference on the stream either way, but I am curious about emojis...

RE: Booth registration is now up! - PJCLink - 08-06-2015

I haven't even gotten a trailer ready for my new Zelda fan game yet! Heck, I still have to get title logo ready. In case if you don't know yet and for those who don't know yet. I'm postponing Netherforce Force Shards until I can find the time to finish it. Netherforce Shards is already a big Zelda fangame as it is so it's going to take much longer than I thought to finish. And I have other ideas I really wanted to work on getting in the way of that. So I've decided that the best way to tide wait for NS is to make and a prepare at least one smaller, easier to make Zelda fangame first. Depending on how long it takes, there's a chance that I might make one more or even two more if I'm lucky. All I can say is that I am satisfied with how fast the development for this smaller Zelda fan game is going.

I will confirm that this new smaller Zelda fan game will not use the nes type style that NS has. And Kiddo, I really do think you are going to love this one, maybe even more than NS. That's all I can share for now. Expect a trailer next week.

I really hope you will all enjoy my new Zelda fan game. Happy

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Willsaber - 08-06-2015

Aww man, I don't think I'll have my Super Mario Maker fangame ready in time for any live-stream. It's hard enough getting it ready for NCFC at all. XD

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Q-Nova - 08-06-2015

Well, hopefully I'll get some screenshots for my WIP games, as I'm starting to doubt that I'll get a demo for them ready.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Mario4513 - 08-06-2015

Finally, I'll hopefully get my game ready for NCFC this year. I will have to start working on it more on the coming days.

Edit: Submitted.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - CM30 - 08-06-2015

Started on booth for Mario's Nightmare Quest (part 1), demo will be coming soon.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Neon Cream - 08-06-2015

Finally. I've set up my booth, however it looks like I could edit it before it got approved. I'm preparing my booth over time as I aim to complete the first version of my program so I wish to know what factors into approval. Does a WIP booth get rejected?

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Q-Nova - 08-06-2015

(08-06-2015, 05:50 PM)Neon Cream Wrote: Does a WIP booth get rejected?

I have seen some booths are in progress last year's NCFC, and they weren't rejected, so no, WIP booths don't get rejected.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - KiddoCabbusses - 08-06-2015

Usually any booth with something new will get accepted, so it's fine if you got a WIP. :)

Anyway, I think I will announce in advance when the NCFC Preview Livestreams are set to happen. Does anyone here have a preference schedule?

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Dollarluigi - 08-06-2015

Looking forward to seeing what gets unveiled this year.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Syaxamaphone - 08-07-2015

I have submitted a booth for my project, Histoire de Lune. It already has some screens and a trailer. I'll be uploading a demo within the next few days.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - WreckingGoomba - 08-08-2015

I submitted a booth for Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs too, I can't wait to see and this year's awesome games!

RE: Booth registration is now up! - Gumstone1080 - 08-08-2015

I'm still on the fence for my new LoZ New Beginnings demo, needs more testing, especially the dungeon that I blocked out on the last demo, its open, but there is 2 rooms that need a small bit of work, and the bandit sidequest I need to fix up still, all and all it's playable, but I feel like more can be added, but I will have to see when I get some more items done.

I don't have a trailer yet, but these 2 recent videos are just showcasing the bosses that are available when I drop a demo, you guys can use clips if you need videos.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - WreckingGoomba - 08-09-2015

Out of curiosity, do you have dates and times for the livestreams in mind already, Kiddo? I'm not trying to rush you, I understand that this stuff takes time, I was just curious.

RE: Booth registration is now up! - onpon4 - 08-10-2015

Alright, I've made my submission. Surprised? ;)

Please let me know as bluntly as possible if it's not an acceptable booth. I have a backup plan in case of that. :)