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Livestream logs - 2015 edition. - KiddoCabbusses - 08-31-2015

As usual, Livestreams will be posted after this year's NCFC.

For reference, the logs are broadly available here.

[Specific links will be coming soon.]

The logs will also be uploaded to the NCFC YouTube channel shortly.

Thank you all for your patience, if you were awaiting these logs.

This year, I'd like to ask a favor from someone with a lot of time and patience - there were several events that were specifically requested to be "highlighted", but they may be sandwiched between hours and hours of other logs. If anyone would be willing to comb through them and edit to the appropriate "highlight" moment, any volunteer on that would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

RE: Livestream logs - 2015 edition. - Mario4513 - 09-02-2015

It was a fun year, I'll be looking towards next year's NCFC as well. Also, did you talk to Emperor about that username change that I talked to you about on the last day of NCFC?

RE: Livestream logs - 2015 edition. - KiddoCabbusses - 09-09-2015

Sorry, I was busy for some time afterward so I haven't had the time. XP