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Welcome to NCFC! - Char - 08-09-2011

Welcome to NCFC, Nintendo Community Fangame Convention! This is an event that lasts 5 days, and all happens online, conveniently within the comforts of your own home in whatever clothing happens to suit you at the moment. During this event, a number of mini-events happen, a radio plays, and of course, like an online E3, there are booths for fangames. Within the strongholds of these booths are information, screenshots, and whatever the creators of each fangames want to showcase to the internet public - and for free, to boot!

NCFC started 4 years ago, an organized effort fronted by Shadowman and DJ Yoshiman, and backed up by a few select individuals. It was the first successful Nintendo-related version of SAGE, meant to be inspired by that particular event and allow more Nintendo-oriented items to be shown. It started off with 4 days, a radio, some workshops and 2 events along with the booths in an HTML-ridded website. Since then, the event has climbed up and opened to more sponsors, events, booths and even people within the video game development industry. NCFC has also grown in its own staff, from two main organizers, to now three producers, a director, an organizer, a designer and two coders.

You can find a list of staff here, along with means to contact them.