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Sneak Peek of Goomba's Quest (+ Notes on Music ContentID)
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Sneak Peek of Goomba's Quest (+ Notes on Music ContentID)

I've just published this short recording of the first level of "Goomba's Quest" (Name changed from "Goomba's Adventure" last NCFC), but you may have noticed the music has been edited out. Blame YouTube ContentID.

For the time being I'm presenting this as-is henceforth. The original music will be available just fine on the actual game once it is available for download, so for the time being just consider it something else a bit veiled. (Also, the music is not the same as the last NCFC demo, so don't go grabbing that one to check it.)

FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: The next people who request a Sneak Peek from me, please leave me some advance notes on what to do in the case of an issue such as this - such as replacing the song or, perhaps a bit more crazily, supplying your own voice commentary or such. I dunno. But either way, it'd be a good idea to minimize any decay in quality of the videos from ContentID claims.
10-10-2014, 01:42 PM

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