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Final Pre-Event Notes / Best of Show decision
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RE: Final Pre-Event Notes / Best of Show decision
Honestly it's going to be an issue whenever member input is taken into account. But really the reviews this year are meant to prevent people from slapping out arbitrary ratings like last year (though those didn't count into the judging.) While this does lend itself to people giving out five star reviews for games they really like, they have to back up the reasons why. It's impossible to justify a zero point review that's done just to knock someone down. Granted a lot of the popular games will have more people willing to hand out reviews, but that's a problem with taking public opinion into account in general.

Last year the best of show was done completely behind doors which a lot of people disagreed with, and it's not something that we should do again. Things will have to be tweaked again next year - but honestly, I would say the example you gave with AM2R is well deserving of the reviews its gotten. If there's a really good game hidden in the booths, get the word out to other people, and post a review!
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