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A preview of what's to come at NCFC 2014.
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RE: A preview of what's to come at NCFC 2014.
(09-28-2014, 05:32 PM)KiddoCabbusses Wrote: Also, here's a bit of something from the Serenesforest thread on this for the sake of transparency:

Quote:Klokinator, on 27 Sept 2014 - 11:22 PM, said:

Just throwing this out there, the very first game clip you should show, probably shouldn't be some random 15fps mario game clip. Put that more in the middle. It makes the video look lame when you open out of the gate with your worst clip, just IMO.

I admit this was counterproductive to highlighting the "best of the best", but I had some specific policies in place in regard to what order to put the footage in, and it was mostly based on audience expectations:

1) Our largest audience and contributors are interested in Mario games, so Mario games go first, even if the current trailers aren't too impressive. Heck, one of them has a choppy framerate, and another has an annoying Bandicam watermark. >_< I unfortunately just have to work with what I have to work with, sometimes. "Elemental Orbs" was a last-minute addition and thus rushed into the video, so this was the exception.

2) Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword is a highlight from previous years making a return, so it's got a prominent place afterwards with a few extra seconds thrown in (Both because of that and because Fire Emblem's slower pace requires it.)

3) The "indie" games are still kinda an experiemental concept for this NCFC so they got in last, even though they generally look impressive. (Both Bingo and Sparks, BTW, are from the Sonic fangame community. I was hoping for actual Sonic entries, but these are good as well and Sparks is from the guy who made "Sonic: Before the Sequel", so it's definitely gonna be a contender this year.)

4) Any entry with a title screen or logo submitted up to that point had it quickly displayed at the end.

I will admit that if I was doing this trailer more for baiting clicks into the site, Rivals of Aether would've gone first (Even if it doesn't turn out impressive when it's there, the trailer footage looks really neat), followed by Sparks (for the reasons I stated above), followed by Immortal Sword, and then everything else. Perhaps I could do a variant version?

(09-28-2014, 05:25 PM)PJCLink Wrote:
(09-28-2014, 05:07 PM)KiddoCabbusses Wrote: I don't think I'll do the Iwata-style videos this year - not without outside help, at least. Those were a labor which took a lot of personal effort, and since I'm handling more things this year than just that I'm thinking I'm trying to keep it videos simple this year - trailers and fanvideos submitted to me will now be uploaded straight and as-is on the new NCFC YouTube channel.

That being said, I'd LOVE if the fanmade videos for this NCFC became more elaborate - a part of me still wants to see "Captain Falcon: Coast 2 Coast", an idea I proposed for last year's NCFC that got cast aside in favor of the NCFC Directs.

You could still do NCFC Directs, just maybe not Iwata-style like last year. I thinking that maybe you could have yourself do the talking instead of arranging Iwata's words. And instead showing Iwata, you could either show yourself or use some kind of avatar or image to represent yourself, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Just an idea. Happy

An avatar, huh...?

I wonder if I can work with this...?

[Image: CasinoBarBSXSprites.png]

That would be cool! Big Grin
09-28-2014, 06:27 PM

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