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An emulated Sneak Peek.
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RE: An emulated Sneak Peek.
Thank you for doing the sneak peek.

Now then. On the preferred choice of is directly coorelated to the standardization of addmusicK and the rejection of hacks on SMWCentral that are broken on bsnes and SNES9X that caused a paradigm shift that aims to help end the days when SMW hacks break on accurate emulators due to different addmusic standards. And keep in mind that some of these hacks (Crater, HR2R) had their development started a few years ago before emulator compatibility became mandatory for all hacks this year submitted on the Central. So I wouldn't say that using your choice of emulators applies for hacks made and accepted before 2014.

And then there is the exception where people not from SMWCental continuing to usr broken music...
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10-29-2014, 10:55 AM

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