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This Year's Writing Contest!
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This Year's Writing Contest!
Hey, folks! Remember when I said I'll be announcing some contests? Well, it's a bit into opening ceremony, and now it's time to announce them!

To start, we have a writing contest. The rules are simple, just write an entry based on the following rules/theme as a reply to this news post:

This year's writing contest is called "S-Support Smash"

'Support Conversations' are a staple of the Fire Emblem franchise, and Robin is known for his/her Supports. But what if this also applied to Smash Bros.? For this contest, write a series of support convos between Robin and one other Smash Bros. character. (Lucina and Mii Fighter excluded)
You can go up to A-Rank or S-Rank (for characters of opposite genders).
You may use whatever tone you deem fit for your support.
Judges may decide the winner based on their own preferences, but a few hints here may help you (Don't pick them all, though, as they're inherently contradictory);
1) Try to match the original flavor of Fire Emblem: Awakening's support convos.
2) Go for being exceptionally funny.
3) Go for the feels, and perhaps have the judges root for the pairing!
4) Write like toneUDK! :D

For examples of Support write-ups, refer to the SerenesForest Support Convo rips from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
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