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On what would classify as a "DMCA risk".
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RE: On what would classify as a "DMCA risk".
To be completely honest, even holding this event is ridiculously risky right now. Just because Nintendo hasn't struck yet, doesn't mean that they won't. Chances are that Nintendo's lawyers are well aware of this event and have seen the connection between this event and Gamejolt games. Keep in mind what happened with Mario's Sky as well. They are literally just looking for copyrighted product infringement right now and I would not be surprised when they come full-force as soon as the event opens.

I hate this, because I've been playing these games for twenty years now. I've seen a lot of these events, and never did I think Nintendo would ever bite back as hard as they have right now. I'm going to offer this as a warning: If anyone here plans to post a game with any copyrighted Nintendo character, even if you drew all of it yourself - expect a DMCA notice. As small as this event is, we have fans who are bloggers. Those bloggers sometimes write articles that appear on social media and all it takes is for one article to reach Nintendo.

This was much easier to hide before social media blew up, but now that it has, I think you all might have better luck trying to rob a bank or something. It's just too risky right now and I personally don't feel the event will last as it normally does. I usually drink out of the cup of optimism, but this time I feel I might have to drink out of the pessimist cup of realism. Nintendo no longer cares about it's fans apparently, or your tributes. Which is a literal shame.
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