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NCFC 2019 Announcement
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RE: NCFC 2019 Announcement
(08-27-2019, 10:30 PM)PJCLink Wrote: Nice to see that NCFC is still alive and surviving! I might actually show something off this year as I haven't shown any news regard fan works of mine since 2015. Also, what happened to Kiddo? Is he still going to be a part of and represent NCFC? And welcome to NCFC OfficialStritix and congrats on gaining the admin rank. This site really needs more active admins and mods! Happy

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this year's NCFC! I may not be active that much since I'm in college right now and I have pretty busy schedule. All I can say is that I plan on revealing a small simple fan made Zelda game that will be made with Zelda Classic. And I will work something out to find the time to bring out as much enjoyable news, reveals, and content as possible. And lastly, I hope to be able to surprise everyone with the reveal of another project alongside my Zelda fan game. Hopefully something original, or at least a one-shot indie game to tease what is to come of my work in the future. I'm working on my path to become an official professional video game producer. Right my focus is set on making an original Action RPG Adventure franchise heavily inspired by my all time favorite JRPGs like Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and more.

Well anyways, that'd be all! I'm so glad this fan convention is still alive and well! Big Grin

Thanks. I have been attending NCFC since 2014 and joined staff in 2017. I had only worked on the themes up until this point, however. I will be doing a lot more this year. NCFC is a fairly big event which has a lot of untapped potential.

Kiddo is still very much part of NCFC and working on the event as well. Looking forward to hopefully seeing your projects at NCFC this year.
08-28-2019, 12:18 AM

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