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Kesha Offline
Head Director

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Welcome to NCFC 2012

This'll be our sixth year of having an NCFC, which I think is pretty impressive. This'll be our first year without DJ Yoshiman running the radio, his brother DJ Hedgie has stepped up to the plate to provide our NCFC radio goodness. KiddoCabbusses is handling the livestream again, be sure to check that out as well. Black Squirrel provided the base graphics for the site's theme this year, with Emperor implementing it. We have the same staff as last year, myself, Adamgamer, and Emperor with Yoshiman and MetroidMaster still being around for additional support.

Thanks to all the sponsors this year for helping get the word out and all the booth providers for providing us with projects to showcase. It just wouldn't be the same without you guys :p
be sure to check our schedule for additional events throughout the week

Some additional notes:
- Sorry for not getting a theme up on the forums. Hopefully this isn't too big of a deal for people (though we definitely gotta remove the 2011 from the logo lol)
- Since we only had one EarthBound and one Pokemon submission, they've been moved to the Misc category. BUT we also got a lot of Fire Emblem submissions, so there's a fancy new Fire Emblem category. !!

and finally some things I need. I decided to wait for the event to ask for these, since I figured it'd get the most exposure:

Fight Night Entries
We need fangame projects of similar genre or franchises to go one on one with each other. So if you've got a game you think can STAND UP to the test of a fight night, we want to know so we can put it in these challenges. Check the events for when we'll have fight nights, if you want a specific day be sure to mention that when you contact me. SO contact me via PM here if you're interested.

Want to pick this year's top booths? Here's your chance. While anyone has a chance, we'll have a preference for people who have some kind of history with fangames, whether some completed projects or some position in a fangame community. We want to try and get good variety of people from different communities. Contact me via PM if you're interested in helping out.

if you guys need any additional info feel free to ask

Thanks and enjoy NCFC 2012
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11-12-2012, 02:03 AM
BuzzNBen Offline

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You know what I love about the theme this year is, its Super Nintendo like!
Super Mario Brothers Doomsday
Super Mario Brothers Attack of the Bloopers

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11-12-2012, 03:53 PM

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