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Rushing out the Sneak Peeks before NCFC opens.
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RE: Rushing out the Sneak Peeks before NCFC opens.
(10-31-2014, 07:36 PM)StrikeForcer Wrote: What Mikeystar was trying to say that there is a pipe that applies you to skip the tutorial (except for goomba boss). As for the Yoshi Block, you were supposed to hit it. It's THAT obvious that it would spawn a Yoshi.

1) There wasn't anything in game that told me the pipe would skip the tutorial (Unless it was in that hint box, which is EASILY MISTAKEABLE FOR SOMETHING THAT WOULD POP UP A TUTORIAL SEGMENT) - if anything, that's something Wanda should've told me as soon as I said "no". In fact, instead of that happening, the friggin' HELP FILE stuff popped up (That was NOT something I intentionally did), which just rubbed into me the impression that the game doesn't really account for you not wanting to go through the tutorial at all.

2) I'm assuming you're referring to a part where I was meant to get a Yoshi before the titular "Yoshi Block", because I very clearly hit that block in the level for nothing to happen because I hadn't obtained a Yoshi before that point. The problem isn't whether it was obvious that something beforehand would spawn a Yoshi - and I highly doubt anyone is obtuse enough to have thought that was my issue. The problem is a) Yoshi being required to beat the tutorial level in the first place, b) That you could even get that far in the first place without Yoshi if a was intentional level design, and c) that it was impossible to backtrack from that point.
11-01-2014, 07:13 PM

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