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On what would classify as a "DMCA risk".
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RE: On what would classify as a "DMCA risk".
(09-14-2016, 04:03 AM)-Rayo- Wrote: Had Nintendo lawyers filed a takedown request under DMCA in the past here in NCFC? I know they removed 542 fangames on gamejolt but here?

No, they really haven't yet, fortunately. However, they did DMCA that AM2R fan remake of Metroid II by DoctorM64, which did have a booth multiple times on this site in the past. Though it wasn't during an NCFC event, so it didn't really count. So, sadly, this could mean the Nintendo is getting closer to eventually start DMCA-ing Nintendo fangames on here during NCFC events. (in which, hopefully doesn't happen cause that would be scary Nail Biting)

Which is why everyone here is starting to get cautious about the whole Nintendo misusing DMCA without a care in the world all of a sudden, mainly because of what happened to AM2R.

So, all we can do right now, is hope for the best that Nintendo does not find this site as a huge nest full of targets to attack. Worried
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09-14-2016, 08:01 AM

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