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NCFC 2017 preliminary information.
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RE: NCFC 2017 preliminary information.
I happy to confirm that I will show something off this year. I don't know if it will be LoZ: Time Crystal or something new. But I know that Netherforce Shards is still far from ready to be seen again. Netherforce Shards is going through drastic changes yet again. While Time Crystal will only be receiving a smaller change. Here's the way things are shaping up right now:

- Netherforce Shards = 0% chance of presence - 64% complete
- Time Crystal = 25% chance of presence - 81% complete
- New (quicker to make) Game = 100% chance of presence - 5% complete

That said, I think it's very much more likely that I work on a new game that will be present. I just hope that I can cook something up within the whole time of next month and the month after. Anyways, whatever I end up showing off, I hope everyone here will enjoy it! Happy
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08-26-2017, 08:50 PM

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