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NCFC2018 Information
KiddoCabbusses Offline
Head Director

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NCFC2018 Information
Okay, I apologize for not being able to have this ready earlier in the year. I've had a really busy, hectic year, to the point where I needed to set aside time to get this far.

In regard to NCFC 2018, this year I've set the date to November 4th.
There's several reasons for this, including my busy schedule for the next few months, but one of the more personal ones is that this is one of the few years where NCFC can start right on my birthday, so I won't miss the chance for that. :)

Oh, that said... I hope to make some sweeping changes for NCFC this year.
One of them is already ready to test on the site right now - The TitanEmbeds Discord embed on the Media page.
It is replacing the Mibbit IRC embed.
(If for any reason anyone needs the old IRC embed info, feel free to let me know.)

In slightly worse news, due to the limitations of the hosting and domain, hosted downloads are being retired; the years(!) of content hosted on the site have filled up the available space to a point where it became a hurdle to add content last year. There were multiple complaints of issues uploading games to booths, and unfortunately since the space has a hard limitation this is the only solution I have.
At the moment the option to upload content has not been removed yet, but please prepare externally-located downloads for your games. If you need any help with this, please contact me.

I will continue updating with further info. In the meantime, the countdown is on.

(UPDATE 1: The hosting limitations are worse than I thought - on top of the hosted downloads being retired, the same goes for thumbnails and pictures.

I'm considering some hosting options to make this temporary rather than permanent, but for this year please host your own media for your game.)
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08-04-2018, 02:38 PM
WAH-Luigi Offline

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RE: NCFC2018 Information
This game is one of my favorite mario game! First because we can use all of those characters ( finally we see Mario, Luigi Wario and Waluigi together in a platforme game ! Each character have its own thing, there are pets we can use. The animation, the music, just everything is WOW!

I just played the Demo version, like I said, one of my favorite game and it's just the demo!

Do you know when the complet version will be released? Or if you're working on it because I see no other information or news about what's happening, just to know if it's still alive :)

Thank you very much for giving us such an amazing game !

- WAH-Luigi
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07-04-2019, 12:14 AM

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