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Judge's decisions
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RE: Judge's decisions
Didn't get a chance to play all the games in every category (work killed me this week :() but from the ones I did play all the way through:

Psycho Waluigi
This game highly impressed me since instead of being a typical Mario platforming clone, Thunder Dragon went one step further and went in a completely different direction with unique gameplay while at the same time being true to the roots of the franchise.

Project AM2R
The game has been in the works for awhile and it shows. Probably the most polished fan game I'VE EVER PLAYED! And also the fact that its a perfect remake of the original game boy game as well.

The Legend of Zelda: Threads of Despair
Really love the art direction and the engine is showing some promise so far.

Game of show: Psycho Waluigi
As reasons stated above, the most unique fan game at the convention and it honestly feels like a game Nintendo would of created.

Runner up:Mushroom Patrol - The Midas Machine
A Mario platformer that is highly polished while adding some creative gameplay twists without resorting to emulating Nintendo's efforts while having an original art style.

2nd runner up: Project AM2R
Most polished fan game I've ever played, nuff said.
10-28-2011, 11:30 PM
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